No Sleep….

Its 3 o’clock in the morning….

Why is this momma of two not sleeping??

Let me fill you in…..

Our 2 year old is wide awake.

Why is he wide awake you ask?

Good question, I would like to know that myself! (Unfortunately, he is two and can’t tell me.)

This momma is tired. Very tired.

But momma has oils! 😉

As I massage vetiver and lavender essential oil into his little feet I can feel the calm wash over me, soothing the stressful feelings away.

I ask him “do you want a snack?”

The biggest smile spreeds across his face.

“Nanna?” (Bananna) he says.

Of course sweetheart..

I bring him a banana and some grapes too..

He says “Thanks momma.”

(Oh my heart!) I could of ignored him when he woke up, I could of let him cry himself back to sleep. I could of gotten angry that he woke me up because sister is gonna soon wake up hungry. I could of missed this special moment of being the one thing that gave him comfort!

Trust me, at first, I did not want to get up. (To die to self? Seriously?? The last thing I wanted to do at 3 o’clock in the morning!)

But I got up, I got him a snack, I rubbed his feet and I prayed with him. And I will tell you why…

Because God gave me this child, this precious gift, to care for and to love.

Even thought sometimes I forget, I thank God for reminding me, that the way I care for and treat the children he gave me is just like I was doing it to him.

I don’t know about you, but I want to treat the children he gave us, with as much love and compassion that he treats me with. I am his child, he has never left me alone, he is always there for me, to comfort me in my time of need, (you think it might make him sad when we ignore them or mistreat them?? Uh, I think so!) little children can not go to the father in prayer for comfort in a time of distress. We, as their parents are the only way they receive comfort. I feel so honored to be givin these precious children to love, and to care for.

As the little man lays next to me sleeping peacefully I think about how much I love him, and to think that God gave him to me, to be his momma is such an overwhelming feeling of pride and joy!

I’m gonna leave you with this..

Mommas be strong and stay sweet. Dont let life get you down and so stressed out you miss out on the sweet moments with your children, they will only be little once, soak them all up.

Well… I’m gonna try and catch a few winks before the little lady wakes up hungry.

Good night, er, morning… Much love. ❤

Our doll babies.

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